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  • PMPCheckList.Com is an ITTO perspective of the PMP exam material. This portal covers PMP basics, all 47 processes in the from of a flow-chart. The description of each ITTO shows-up as a pop-up when the cursor is moved over.
  • PMPCheckList is a REFRESHER course for PMP aspirants, though experienced and knowledgeable project managers can use this as a tutorial to prepare for the coveted PMP exam.
  • We strongly recommend you read PMBOK current edition before subscribing, particularly for those with minimal project management experience.
  • The membership comes with 5 timed tests to be attempted over a 3-month period. The cost of membership is $25:00 for the entire preparatory material and FIVE Timed Tests.
  • These exams are comparatively easy and test the basic understanding of the project management concepts that help you comprehend and correctly answer all those 'dreaded' situational questions. Hence the passing passing grade is set at 80%. If you scored 80% and above in all these mock tests you should have no problem getting the PMP certification.
  • Users have an option to submit a creative exam-style question, with 4 possible choices and the correct answer with description, and enter a chance to win a $50:00 gift certificate. Winners are selected after receiving every 100 questions.
  • We also carry a Question of the Day feature, PMP Job openings, and a discussion board.
  • For more sample questions please visit our FaceBook Page.